Panasonic employees in Mexico elect free union by defeating main labor group – 23/04/2022

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MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Workers at a Panasonic auto parts factory in northern Mexico this week opted for a free union, marking another defeat for one of the country’s largest labor unions as Mexico moves to a new trade deal. It wants to strengthen the rights of workers. ,

The SNITIS union, which grew out of workers’ dissatisfaction with traditional labor groups in the northern state of Tamaulipas, won 75% of the vote in a two-day election in which 2,150 people were able to vote, the federal worker center said. Mexico late Friday night.

Competitive conglomerate SIAMARM, which is part of the 86-year-old Confederation of Mexican Workers (CTM), gained 25% in car audio and display plants primarily for the US and Canadian markets.

Workers recently voted against CTMs at General Motors in the central state of Guanajuato and a Tridonex auto parts plant in Tamaulipas, both in the U.S. for potential abuses of workers’ rights under a U.S.-Mexico agreement. faced investigation. -Canada.

“It was impressive, as was the result at Tridonex, and we expect it to be the same in all factories that continue to enter this new era of independent federalism,” SNITIS founder Susanna Prieto said in a video on social media. I said after the results. Panasonic Pole.

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