Pandemic makes Bolsonaro the president with the least attendance

Guilherme Amado

In his third year as President, bolsonaro Only 46 President collects gifts. Artifacts are given to the heads of states, companies or institutions at these places or on visits by the President. Bolsonaro’s inability to travel and receive visitors due to the pandemic may explain the low numbers.

The continent most gifted to Bolsonaro was AsiaThe President received 29 artworks. Among them, a frame with postage stamps and its photographs, from Israel, and a set of peacock-patterned jewelry box frames India.

Me and Africa, with its 54 nations, was the least gifted continent to Bolsonaro. Only Cape Verde presented the president with a fish-shaped appetizer and a scarf.

Compared to the previous two presidents, Bolsonaro was the one who received the fewest courtesy in the form of gifts. Lula Received 568 in his two terms and dilma A total of 117. In other words, Bolsonaro would have to increase the rate of gifts between now and the end of his term to reach him.

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