Paralympic Committee Defines Brazil’s Delegation to the Tow Games

Paralympic Committee Defines Brazil’s Delegation to the Tow Games

The Brazilian Paralympic Committee (CPB) on Tuesday (6) announced the delegation that will represent Brazil at the Paralympics to be held in Tokyo (Japan), which will be contested from August 24 to September 5. the team gathers 253 members, Athletes with disabilities such as guides, gutters (boss balls), goalkeepers (5 footballs for the visually impaired) and helmsmen (rowing). It is the second largest in the country in the event’s history, only in Rio de Janeiro (286) as of 2016, and the largest overseas.

The names were submitted live by CPB. Facebook and in the channel of the unit youtube. Before the disclosure, tributes were paid to two-time Paralympic bokeh champion, Dirsu Jose Pinto, who died in April last year.

“We live in an unprecedented moment in recent history. We were all prepared for this moment a year ago, when the pandemic, unfortunately, broke out. [da covid-19] And the dream of athletes had to be put on hold for a year. The pandemic continues and we hope it will end. We also hope that sport will be a great lever that represents the recovery of our people, because sport means resilience and self-esteem”, said CPB President Mizel Conrado,

Brazil will be present in 20 of the 22 games. The exceptions are wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby. Athletics is the largest represented sport in Brazil: 64 names, three more than in Rio 2016. Initially, there will be 54 athletes, but last Friday (2), the update of the High Performance Rankings of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC , abbreviated in English) guaranteed the country ten more places.

The delegation will consist of competitors in the disciplines that will make their Paralympic debuts. In Parabadminton, Vitor Tavares will represent the country in the SS6 category (Stunting). In parataquando, there are three athletes: Silvana Cardoso, Nathan Torquatto and Deborah Menezes, all in class K44 (arm amputation).

“The expectations are great. I am working very hard, focusing on the aim of bringing the best results to Brazil. We are always analyzing the games and working to improve,” Tavares said in a video said in. Aired on CPB and LIVE.

For Tokyo, the CPB aims to place Brazil in the top ten of the medal tally. In 2016, when the country hosted the event, the delegation collected 72 medals (14 gold, 29 silver and 29 bronze) and finished eighth. At the 2012 London Games (United Kingdom), the Brazilian team finished seventh, with fewer podiums (43), but seven more golds (21) than Rio de Janeiro.

“Despite all the effects of the pandemic, especially at the beginning, due to insecurity about the conduct of the Games, I believe we have managed to provide the best conditions for athletes to reach Tokyo at their best I believe that they are overcoming the obstacles imposed by the pandemic”, commented Alberto Martins, technical director of the CPB.

Part of the Brazilian delegation will travel to Japan in the first week of August for 14 sports (Athletics, Bokeh Ball, Canoeing, 5-a-side Football, Goalball, Weightlifting, Judo, Swimming, Parabadminton, Rowing, Archery, Table Tennis) . , tennis and volleyball in a wheelchair in Hamamatsu). The city of Shizuoka Prefecture is located 260 kilometers from Tokyo and is home to Brazil’s largest colony in the Asian country.

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“[A aclimatação] It is important for the athlete to feel already in the competition. It would be complicated for an athlete to achieve a lot at the top of a major event, even physically. He needs a whole day for every hour difference of time. Therefore, it is important to go a few days earlier so that both can get used to the time zone and get used to the horrors of the Games”, explained Yohansson Nascimento, Paralympic athletics champion and vice president of the CPB.

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