Patriots coach refuses to receive medals at White House

Patriots coach refuses to receive medals at White House

The NFL’s New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick refused to receive a presidential medal at the White House, the highest honor given to citizens in the United States. In a note released today, Belichick said that recent events in the country – e.g. President Donald Trump’s supporters invade the Capitol Motivated him to assure his participation in the awards.

“Recently, I had the opportunity to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom. I represent a tribute from the honor of the previous winners. After the tragic events of last week, the decision was made not to proceed with the award. He said , I am an American citizen who respects our country’s values, freedom and democracy. I know that I also represent my family and the New England Patriots team.

Bellistic also said that the year 2020 brought important discussions to light in the game, driven by the urgency of social guidelines, and that continuing to work for these tasks “outweighed the benefits of any individual award”.

“In 2020, when, through the great leadership of our team, one of the most rewarding things happened in my career: conversations about social justice, equality and human rights came to prominence and action was taken. To continue these efforts , And at the same time. I love the benefits of any individual award while remaining loyal to the time, people, team and country ”, he concluded.

Last year, former American football coach and coach Lou Holtz, an American sports legend, was awarded to former runner Jim Ryun, a 1964 Olympic Games medalist in Tokyo and 1968 in Mexico City, as well as military leader General Jack Keane.

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Names such as Michael Jordan and Bill Russell, former NBA players, Mohammed Ali, former boxer, Jesse Owens, former runners, and Ernie Banks, former baseball player, are among the sports names who received medals.

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