Paul McCartney has condemned the idea that wearing a face mask is a violation of civil liberties: “It’s stupid.”

Paul McCartney has condemned the idea that wearing a face mask is a violation of civil liberties: "It's stupid."

In a new interview, Paul McCartney has criticized people who say wearing a face mask violates their civil liberties.

Talked to CBS Sunday morning On the occasion of his new album ‘McCartney III’, McCartney told journalist Seth Donna, “When people say, ‘Wearing a mask is a violation of my civil liberties,’ I say, ‘No. Is. “

Donne noted that both he and McCartney were tested for COVID-19 before sitting down for an interview, and that McCartney did almost any other personal interview to advance the record. Were not.

Watch the interview below:

Over the weekend, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced new Tier 4 level bans to curb the spread of COVID-19. Residents of London, the South East and the East of England are required to stay at home with limited discounts until at least 30 December.

Elsewhere CBS In an interview, McCartney discussed his relationship with John Lennon, saying that 40 years later, it was still “difficult” to act on his fatal shooting.

“It’s very difficult for me. I sometimes have to think: Why don’t I stop crying every day? Because it’s too bad, “he said.

“There will come a time when I will have memories and think, O my Lord. This was very foolish. ”

If Lennon was still alive, McCartney is confident he would still be writing music today.

“He was not showing any signs of slowing down. He was still making great music. The question is: would we ever be together again? I do not know We don’t know, “he said CBS.

“We were friends. That was a great thing about it. I don’t know how I dealt with it. I don’t think I’ve dealt with it very well. I wouldn’t be surprised if a psychiatrist would find out that I was a little in denial. Because it’s too much. ”

McCartney released his latest album, ‘McCartney III’ last week, recorded during Lockdown (or ‘Rockdown’, as they call it). The new LP ‘McCartney’ features the third and final installment in the solo album Triangle. N.M.E. Upon its release, the record received a four-star review, which was labeled “a great comeback in a three-decade series.”

McCartney also recently released a music video for the album Cut ‘Find My Way’, which was directed by Roman Coppola and he used 46 cameras to present every instrument on the song.

Last week, McCartney spoke of his dilemma of making headlines for Glastonbury next year, calling the festival a potential “super-spreader.”

“People are starting to find ways [of live performing] With zoom and with social distance, ”he said The sun. “But for something like Glastonbury where you have more than 100,000 people in an area, it’s a super spread, you know.

“But I’ll be happy when we can come back – for some people playing will actually be a good change.”

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