Paulo Geddes says that he never wanted to tax books on the economy

Paulo Geddes says that he never wanted to tax books on the economy

Economy Minister Paulo Guedes said on Tuesday (4) that he never proposed tax books, despite the fact that the tax reform proposal, sent by the Bolsonaro government to Congress last year, provides for collection.

Currently, books are exempted from collection of taxes and duties.

The statement comes after a document to answer questions about the first part of the government’s tax reform proposal, in early April, after the IRS was published. In the text, the IRS states that textbooks can be taxed because they are not consumed by the poorest Brazilians.

The government’s proposal predates the integration of federal taxes PIS and Coffins and, instead, the creation of a new consumption tax called Contribution on Goods and Services (CBS).

The proposed rate for CBS is unique, 12%, for books, which are immune to tax collections today. The text has not yet been considered by Congress.

See the October 2020 report talking about the campaign against taxation of books.

Campaign against taxation of books collects 1 million signatures

Geddes said that the idea has been pointed out by Vanessa Canado as her former special advisor on tax matters, but in the context of value-added tax (VAT), which is being studied by the government.

“We had a consultant [Vanessa Canado] It knows very well the value-added taxes, which are present all over Europe and we are evaluating to apply here and we will propose [na reforma tributária]. In that proposal, I heard that someone said that she was taxing books, and she said no. We are not taxing books, we are taxing excess value. It was a debate that he would have said, he would have been accused of taxing the books ”, the minister explained during the hearing in the Chamber of Deputies.

“It is possible that in defense of VAT, he said that it is for the general in this context. I never said that “, strengthened the minister. “Those are the things that go out of control,” he complained.

Geddes also stated that, “turn and move” he omits an “unhappy expression” that is “taken out of context”. According to him, everything he says is “perverted”.

Last week, the minister said, during a meeting, he did not know that it was being recorded, that the Chinese had invented the coronavirus, and that the country had compared the vaccine immunizer to prevent the spread of the disease Is “less effective”. From Pfizer from the United States.

At the same meeting, the Minister of Economy said that FIZ, a federal program for low-income students for higher education tuition, is “a scholarship for all” and “a disaster”. In actual fact, he stated that “the doorman’s son in the building” scored zero on all tests and received funding.

Paulo Guedes criticized Fizz and said that Coolie's son 'scored zero in the test' and got financing

Paulo Guedes criticized Fizz and said that Coolie’s son ‘scored zero in the test’ and got financing

“Politics is blinding people, everything is being done ideologically, turned into hatred, it’s very bad. It prevents us from being able to negotiate to reach a better solution.”

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