‘Pay-frio’ Mick Jagger fined 70,000 reais for watching England in Euro Cup International

'Pay-frio' Mick Jagger fined 70,000 reais for watching England in Euro Cup  International
Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger

England are very close to celebrating the European Cup title. On Wednesday, the national team qualified for the final against Italy after going through great difficulties against Denmark, much to the delight of thousands of fans who attended the stadium.

(See fans mocking the singer for her cold feet in the photo gallery)

One of them, however, will be severely punished for failing to comply with the mandatory quarantine imposed by the United Kingdom. It is the legendary Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger, who returned to London in the last days after a trip to France and insisted on going to Wembley to watch the semi-finals.

The problem is that France is one of the countries that are part of the famous “amber” list, with the United Kingdom requiring travelers from these countries to maintain a 10-day quarantine. In the singer’s case, however, it wasn’t even 24 hours after he returned from the trip, until he was photographed enjoying the English team at the stadium and putting everyone around him at risk.

Thus, Mick Jagger is subject to a fine of 11 thousand euros (approximately R $ 70 thousand) for violating the rules of COVID-19 imposed by the United Kingdom, which is one of the countries with the highest number of sanctions in this regard. is.

Over the past few hours, MailOnline has published statements from a source close to the singer in which they admit that their trip to London was planned to finish the group’s new album, but they miss the historic Wembley meeting. could not.

“Mick is a huge football fan and he just wanted to be at Wembley. He did COVID tests before the flight and on arrival as well as at the end of the game so he seems to be being careful,” in his defense It says only one source.

Given this fact, the British are now waiting to see if Mick Jagger will actually be approved, thus setting an example that no public figure ignores COVID-19 restrictions and containment measures. Shouldn’t.

It is worth remembering that, since the 2010 World Cup, the singer has been known to bring bad luck to the teams he supports. Mick Jagger gained this strong reputation as a ‘fucking’ in Brazil after a competition played in South Africa. At that time, the appearance of the musician was observed in many matches – always among the supporters of the losing side.

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