Paypal offers R$50 coupon for users; see how to get

Paypal offers R$50 coupon for users;  see how to get

Discount can be applied in multiple stores

Paypal Launched, this Thursday (16), an opportunity for its users: by simply clicking on a link, you can get a coupon for R$50,00 To use as per your choice. It is possible to use money by day 31 December,

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The offer acts as a discount on purchases made through PayPal. The coupon is valid at many stores that accept payment in the national currency, with the exception of netshoes I Pit, It is also necessary to verify that the desired establishment does not accept payments from digital wallets – eg Shopee, for example.

But the list of platforms accepting benefits is extensive. you can use your money Facebook, xbox, Microsoft, she in, Nuvem, Bahia Houses, Uber, 99 apps, rapi, and many more.

The hype spread in such a way that the Nuvem website also crashed in the afternoon. However, the company quickly revealed itself and ensured the site’s return to the air.

Learn how to redeem and use your R$50 PayPal coupon

The offer can be easily redeemed. Follow step by step:

  1. click on this link to reach propaganda;
  2. Pressure “Save Offer”,
  3. If you haven’t opened your account yet, do log in or registration;
  4. Ready! go to page “Department” and after that, check the tab “Proposal”, Your money stays there.

On the “Offers” page, the option to use the coupon on the next purchase will be marked. This means that, upon accessing any establishment and opting to pay via PayPal, the discount will automatically be applied.

Remember that the offer is not available to everyone who tries. If so, the user receives a notice with the phrase: “You may not be eligible for this offer”.

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