Historical in Chile around 6:00 pm Landing of Fortitude Rover, Which is part of a new NASA mission to find traces of the existence of life on a neighboring planet.

The space organization said it the most “Risky and ambitious for all those made on the Red Planet”.

Due to the complexity of this maneuver, the team of NASA scientists reacted with great pleasure to the office in Pasadena (California), where they followed the final hours of the trip.

The place was clouded with joy, fists and dozens of applause, as many had forewarned that it would be a particularly complex task.

Before landing, had to go through “Perseverance” “Seven Minute Terror”, The phrase that describes the very dangerous maneuver that precedes his final stay on the Red Planet.

Actually, the chosen place was Crater Jezero, It is the most dangerous landing site ever. In seven minutes, the vehicle drove at a speed of 20,000 km / h.

The program was broadcast by the space agency through its official channels, including broadcasting in Spanish.

As a corollary to the entire mission, the rover sent its first images from a neighboring planet where exploration is expected to remain for a long time.