Peter Canvan: The key to coaching dubs

Peter Canvan: The key to coaching dubs

Peter Canwan believes the debate over Dublin’s dominance of football will have “serious flaws and contextual consequences”, but says other counties should focus on coaching rather than solidifying the gap. Should

Although Tyrone’s story said he was a “hesitant participant” in the debate surrounding the All-Ireland final, he said there should be an acknowledgment that there was a problem and that in recent years His views on this have changed.

“Many years ago Dublin needed to be rescued by the GAA and under the leadership of San Kelly, they did a strategic review and saw where it had taken them.

“Right now, the shoe is on the other foot and whenever it’s debated, it’s Dublin that is taking the X in it,” Canvan said.

“It’s Dublin that is going to be in a position where their influence is going to go a long way in saving the GAA in the coming years, so first of all I think there should be an acknowledgment that there is a problem, first of all .

“Then it’s a matter of powers sitting down to come up with a strategic review and do something about it.

“Many years ago, two or three years ago, I would have said, ‘Let it sit, it’s a one-stop team, you don’t get to see it again and look at a player, you don’t want to play against them, you Don’t want to be part of a team that takes Dublin down? “But as long as it’s going on, you’re starting to see that it’s not a generational thing.

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“The Brogins are not there, Paul Flynn is not there, Michael Darrag is [Macauley]; Their two best players in Dublin can’t be on the team at the minute, Brian Howard and Paul Manion, so it’s not a matter of generation, it’s going to move on and the credit goes to Dublin.

“They’ve taken their home from managerial to coaching level and they’ve taken over. But it’s unfortunately hurting football in Leinster, 15 titles in 16 years.

“Leinster are not doing well in football and if they continue their path and they win another three or four All-Ireland matches, they will have to give up football altogether, so be sure. There is a problem and there will be serious decisions to be made in the coming years, but I would also like to talk about football at this stage. ”

Spotlight has been shining brightly on Dublin’s financial muscle in recent years, with a special focus on the big games they’ve won in a canter. In 2018, for example, Dublin spent 3. 6.3m on coaching and sports development alone.

In terms of total annual revenue, many counties are struggling to break the 1 million barrier, so what? The financial gap is reported. Cannon believes that Dublin’s focus on investing in coaching rather than the basics is part of why he left others behind.

“The best thing Dublin has done is they have invested heavily in coaching their clubs. When all the boys and girls see their stars performing on the big stage, they go out and they want to play Gaelic and they are getting quality coaching. In many other counties, has it been repeated?

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“If a young man goes to Gaelic coaching and coaching standards [is such that] He’s not having fun, he’s not learning, he’s not getting better, then he’s going to have stormy training or play football or go somewhere else where he’s learning and enjoying the game.

Many counties will have to get their own home in this regard. “You mentioned Tyrone. Tyrone’s approach in recent years, a lot of work is going on, a lot of good funds are being raised, but a lot of money has gone into infrastructure, bricks and mortar, until the collapse of coaching.

“Dublin has done it differently. There is no great center of excellence or anything like that. They have spent their money on land.

You may have better facilities and better pitches, which is good and that’s important, but running on it is probably more important. “Tyrone and many others will probably look at the Dublin model and try to repeat it if they want to close the gap in the playground.”

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