PF investigates money laundering with cryptocurrencies from an organization that is already being investigated in Operation Egypt

PF investigates money laundering with cryptocurrencies from an organization that is already being investigated in Operation Egypt

This Wednesday, August 25, the Federal Police launched Operation Vita Continue, which investigates money laundering crimes by a group investigated in Operation Egypt.

Vita Continuate, a Latin word meaning “life that goes on” and refers to the fact that those involved in Operation Egypt continued to enjoy the illegal resources obtained, now identified in the operation that took place this morning. Huh.

Federal police officers issued five preventive arrest warrants and 12 search and seizure warrants in the cities of Dois Irmaos, Estancia Velha (RS), Florianópolis (SC), So Paulo and Suzano (SP).

Investigations indicate maneuvers to hide assets by partners of the main company investigated in Operation Egypt, which took place after the outbreak of the crackdown in May/2019.

Cointelegraph published that Brazil recovered $130 million in cryptocurrencies that were used in money laundering crimes. The repatriated balance was on a US exchange, and the company belonged to a leader of Indeal.

In March of this year, Cointelegraph also published that the Federal Police had arrested new people linked to Bitcoin’s financial pyramid, Indel.

In this phase, the PF issued 13 search and seizure warrants and seven provisional arrest warrants in Rio Grande do Sul (one prisoner) and So Paulo (two detainees), Rio de Janeiro and Espirito Santo (one prisoner in each of these two states). Completed. ), the two remain largely.

This Wednesday (25), pf released Data collected in an analysis of documents and media indicated that some partners maintained business with assets in the name of third parties, as well as sought access to capital accumulated prior to the first phase of Operation Egypto.

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The new suspects, along with the defendants already in the criminal action of Operation Egypt, were identified as business partners and, now, will be investigated regarding the legality of their business.

People investigated in Operation Vita Continue may respond to crimes of money laundering and criminal organization, according to personal involvement.

The assets and values ​​identified in the investigation will be made available to the Federal Court.

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