Phil House immediately eliminated Jacob Malcon in Debbie

UFC 254 Jacob Malkoun Phil Hawes
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – October 24: Philip Haves celebrates his coupe victory over Australia’s Jacob Malcolm in his middleweight bout at the UFC 254 event at UFC Fight Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on October 24, 2020. . (Photo by Getty Images by Jyoti Hedges / Zufa LLC)

Phil House burst into that scene in just 18 seconds on UFC 254, chased by fellow Debbie Jacob fighter Jacob Malcolm.

The battle of prospects landed on the main card of UFC 254 with Jacob Malcolm leading Phil House. For the start of his professional career in 2014, three stops made Hawz a top item and earned him a spot. The ultimate fighter. He lost his only fight against eventual winner Andre San Sanchez, then lost two of the next three. Hawass is back on track in a big way, winning four straight fights with stops to make it to the UFC through the Container Series.

Malcolm is a highly trained partner of former middleweight champion Robert Whittaker and was starting in his octagon with a 4-0 record. Malcon is well-rounded with an unrivaled professional boxing record and a purple stripe in Brazil’s GU-Jitsu.

Malcolm was moving fast along the fence, then was chased by Phil House with his right hand. Malcolm lost his leg and Hawass got stuck with him, a left hand and a right hand that made Malcon his face. Lust went with a hammerfist who followed him and that was all he needed. The beginning of an exercise for Howz.

Khamzat Chimev, Tanner Boser, and Brandon Raiwal, among others, have been great examples of people coming this year to make a name for themselves. Hawes wants to add himself to the list, calling for a fight when Octagon returns to Vegas next week.

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Phil House Def. Jacob Malcolm by TKO (Punch) in Rock 1 (0:18)

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