Philippine government to send nurses to Britain and Germany in exchange for vaccines

Philippine government to send nurses to Britain and Germany in exchange for vaccines


The Corinthians advance to the Brazil Cup and enter the second leg.

SOO PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS) – Without much effort, the Corinthians maintained their squad’s technical superiority over Saligiro on Wednesday (17). The Albinho team advanced to the second leg of the Copa do Brasil, with a win over Pernambuco rival, 3 to 0. In the next phase, the Corinthians will face another rival from Pernambuco, Retr. While debuting in the tournament, the team finished with a 1-0 win over Bruce-SC, also on Wednesday. The date of the duel will still be defined by the CBF. Unlike the first stage, after the knockout, the visitor will no longer have the advantage of holding a draw. In the case of equal regulation time, the decision to proceed to the tournament will be for a penalty shootout. Even with the possibility of playing a draw against Saligiro, the Corinthians tried to win from the start of the match. After 4 minutes, he opened the scoring with Jamerson. After a corner, he scored his first goal with a Corinthians shirt, finishing first. With an open path to extend the profit as the homeowners would have to seek the turn, however, Wagner Mancini’s men managed the retreat and the gain to the end. In the final 45 minutes, a little more circumspect, managed to stay even further ahead with the classification to score the second goal. It was on 12 minutes, when Ramiro received the ball in the penalty area and hit it low to make it 2 to 0.. The advantage was that the Corinthians team did it comfortably without much effort to touch the ball and make time passes. Although he is the 2020 Pernambuco champion, the state’s deputy leader this year, and fifth in Group B of the Northeast Cup, Salgiro only threatened Cassio’s goal twice, once in each half. In the first, Ranieri tested the ball strongly and demanded a good save from the goalkeeper. In the second, already in the final stages, it was Daniel Passari’s turn to take a long shot and Casio edged him out. In extra time, in the individual game, Matus Vital scored third, with a shot from outside the area. A city team of only 60 thousand residents dreamed of the possibility of going through the Corinthians and filling the pockets of R $ 650 thousand, an amount that represents another four months’ salary for artists who have one per month. There is a payroll of R $ 140 thousand. The goal, however, remained in the way. In addition to the Corinthian classification, in the sequence of the Copa do Brasil, Paulistas will be the other great player in the competition. Santos, São Paulo and Palmyras will enter the tournament from the third stage itself, as they are among the Brazilian representatives in the Libertadores. Lucas Lucy; Sinho (Adenilson), Ranieri, Leozo and Allen; Bruno Senna, Morilendia, Felipe Bayano (Herrickles) and Tarsio (Allison); Thomas Anderson (Daniel Pasira) and Cassio Ortega (Arua). T.: Marcos Tamandarai Corinthias Cassio; Fagner (Bruno Méndez), Jamerson, Gill and Fabio Santos; Gabriel and Ramiro (Camacho); Otero (Cajares), Rodrigo Veranda (Gabriel Pereira) and Metus Vital; Joe (Cow). T.: Wagner Mancini Stadium: Cornelio de Barros, Saligiro (PE) in Ref: Jean Pierre Gonclaves Lima (RS) Assistants: Lierson Peng Martins (RS) and Lucio Beiersdorf Flor (RS) Yellow Cards: Bruno Senna, Daniel Passira and Morilandia . (salt); Ramiro and Gabriel Pereira (COR) Goals: Jamerson (COR), 1Q at 4 minutes; Ramiro (COR), at 11 minutes, and Matus Vital (COR), 2Q at 48 minutes

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