Phone disables.. Apple warns iPhone users with latest “iOS 15” update

يعطل الهواتف.. أبل تحذر مستخدمي آيفون من التحديث الأخير “iOS 15”

The well-known American company, “Apple”, is trying to provide updates to the operating system from time to time for the users of iPhone and iPad phones, so that the user gets the best operating system which enables the phone to respond and perform commands quickly. helps to. multiple functions at the same time, and the latest update that the company introduced to users is the “iOS 15” system, which makes many feel happy, as it includes the ability to improve the efficiency of “Face Time”, and The updated alerts and notification system, which made the phone completely new and different, but it didn’t take long for the system glitch to become apparent.

iphone crash

And flaws in the “iOS 15” operating system were quickly revealed, as the launch date for iPhone and iPad users was last September, and this week many users expressed their anger at the new system, as it would prevent the phone from being used frequently. Even after crashing several times – and this is reported by What Russia Today.

Disadvantages of iOS 15 in iPhone

According to the American magazine “Forbes”, which is interested in economic and technical news, communication interruption is one of the defects seen in iPhone and iPad phones after using the new operating system “iOS 15”, as users can see. One of them mentioned that the calls he makes using bluetooth while in the car, gets interrupted after 3 minutes has passed and can only last for 8 minutes, and in addition, there are other flaws. Including failure of bluetooth system in iPhone 13 phone, closing of applications. Using on its own, and blocking notifications for some applications, caused many people to want to reinstall the older operating system that it was working fine compared to the previous update, which had its flaws and because of which I lost the phone. was not able to use. Work.

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