Photo records giant tornado from Mars orbit

Photo records giant tornado from Mars orbit

Satellite brasil

The Russian-European probe Trace Gas Orbiter, from the ExoMars-2016 mission, captured the giant tornado from the orbit of the red planet, according to the Russian space agency, Roskosmos.

“The giant tornado is a continuous phenomenon on the surface of Mars. The image shows two in motion”, explains. The release From Roskosmos.

In the photo, the Russian space agency shows two bright spots from beneath a 70 km pit in the planet’s southern hemisphere, leaving behind a dark band.

The speed of one of them almost reaches Four meters per second (14,400 km / h), while another reaches eight meters per second (28,800 km / h).

Martian dust vortices are formed. Like those on earth. When the surface is warmer than the air above, currents of warm air move towards cooler and denser air, creating an upward current.

However, the descending air in the cold produces vertical circulation, while the upward air is horizontally accelerated by a gust of wind to pull the dust to the surface.

Although tornadoes on Mars are similar to those present on Earth, they are much larger and can reach up to eight kilometers in height.

Their large wingspan makes them extremely powerful in lifting dust to high altitudes in Martian environments.

Roscosmos concluded that the tornado studied on Mars Is important to understand How can they affect the red planet’s climate over time.

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