Photo shows gold found in Australia, not in Amazon

Photo shows gold found in Australia, not in Amazon

By Luiz Fernando Menezes

May 7, 2021, 1:29 pm

It is incorrect that the gold nugget shown in a photo circulated on social media was taken out at Amazon and before being sent abroad by an NGO (non-governmental organization) by the PF (Federal Police) (Look here) Belongs to. The stone was found in August 2016 in Victoria, South Australia.

Misleading publications amassed at least 22,000 shares on Friday (7) and were marked as FALSE on the Facebook tool (Know how it works) Belongs to. Investigation of this material was also suggested by readers through e-mail. The facts.

Rare photo of a ‘giraffe’ from the Amazon Forest, saved by PF …

The check claimed that the photograph does not show a nugget fired at Amazon and sent outside Brazil by an NGO (non-governmental organization). The material, weighing around four kilograms, was found in August 2016 in the state of Victoria, Australia.

According to Australian press I International, A man found it and two other small stones with the help of a metal detector in a place known for housing gold deposits. The biggest nugget featured in the photo, was the nickname “Friday Happiness” and its value was approximate. $ 680 thousand In season.

This piece of dissolution initially aired on social media in late 2019, soon after Giraffe meme in amazon Viral in Brazil Last year, the deceptive post was re-circulated, when it was checked, And is underway again this year.


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