Pixel Watch, rumors surface: Exynos chip for lightning-fast assistant

Pixel Watch, rumors surface: Exynos chip for lightning-fast assistant

its true From pixel watch We’ve been talking for years, but rumors about him flow with little consistency. So far. In recent weeks, advance on smart watch In fact, with the big G on the packaging they have become more insistent, and begin to outline a more tangible picture.

if a few days ago Alleged Pixel watch faces have been delivered to us, Now comes a series of information, which is related to the beginning of the month in terms of scope, When we talked about competing with the Apple Watch, the appearance of Wear OS 3.0 and its alleged features thanks to a series of presentations,

The gossip of early December did not clarify Name, “However, it is not stated that the commercial name will be Pixel Watch”, we wrote, which is carried away by the flow of information from today’s colleagues 9to5google who made some interesting discoveries by looking at the code written by google. Over the years the company has identified specific software features of the Pixel with a special label: “PIXEL_EXPERIENCE_model reference“, then for example “PIXEL_EXPERIENCE_2021” i . Pixel 6 o “PIXEL_EXPERIENCE_2020_MIDYEAR” 5a per pixel,

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Google Pixel 6 Pro (5003 mAh): Live Battery |  19:45.  finish on

03 November

The issue is that, in one of the latest updates to the Google app, the label was caught “PIXEL_EXPERIENCE_WATCH”, which gives us at least three clues: the project really exists – it’s clear someone in Mountain View is working on it – it could be announced just like the Pixel Watch and the specific software features will set it apart from other smartwatches Wear OS 3.0. with, just like the Pixel 6 is different from any other smartphone Android 12. with,

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Exynos Chip for a Faster Assistant

OS 3.0 and Google Wear Announced that it was developed in partnership with Samsung, And the collaboration with the men of Seoul wasn’t just limited to wearable operating systems, but also included the Pixel 6 and . were involved Pixel 6 Pro That “live” thanks to a chip, the Tensor, designed by Google in collaboration with Samsung, The same dynamic should also apply pixel watch, which can rely on a high-end wearable chip to support it google assistant of the “new” generation, The possibility comes from an analysis of the Wear OS code, which contains references to the Pixel Watch’s internal name – Rohan – and to High-end Exynos Chipwhatever it may be Il W920 From Galaxy Watch 4,

Pixel 4. From Google Assistant then processes the voice on the device, without sending the voice stream to the server and waiting for a list of tasks to be done. They get the speed and privacy of the Assistant but on the other hand are asked more about the hardware, so Google needs it. high end chip Whose identity a. would have been done in Exynos (or in one of its adapted versions in Mountain View). Finally, it is suspected that the one shown in the image above may haveThe interface with which the Pixel Watch will display Google Assistant When called into question, with a four-color “mustache” that has recognized the accessory’s slightly curved to follow the profile of the dial over the years.

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