Players Report New Matchmaking Cheat Servers Kill Opponents | draft5

Players Report New Matchmaking Cheat Servers Kill Opponents |  draft5

players of counter Strike Global Offensive Forums and social media began to report a new type of cheating, found in matchmaking, that knocks opponents off the server and makes them win rounds without starting, making the game highly unfair to others. it happens.

The problem was initially reported by a user while he was analyzing an Overwatch tool valve Where players analyze the use of illegal programs in matches. Suspicious about what he was doing, he published a video where he shows “The Suspect” as the only man who wasn’t turned away from the server, winning indiscriminately.

“Server crashes. I have seen a lot of cheaters crash the server after typing “nc*****”. ie after losing to opponents. Even in casuals, they use cheats and when we try To kick them, they break the server”, said one of the players’ comments.

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The effectiveness of cheating is so high that even players on the cheater’s team are kicked out of the game. Although they manage to return to the game immediately, each round consists of a single action in sequence. On forums, several reports suggest that this has happened with increasing frequency during matchmaking matches.

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