Players stop the return with a save •

Players stop the return with a save •

That way they don’t have to restart the cycle.

Players eventually got the desired save for Returnl, although this was not officially the case.

Through v2 of Returnal, an update released last week, Housemark implemented the Suspend the Cycle feature, which allows you to create a point where you can return to play when you need to exit mid- The game has to be stopped and that means shutting down the console.

Now, Joseph Yaden and other players have discovered that they can turn the suspension point of that loop into a save that can be used over and over again and doesn’t force you to start over.

A method tested and confirmed by other players involves suspending the returnl which makes a point from which you can play again. After sending your save to the cloud, retrieve the save from the cloud when you hit and you start from the suspension point you created and not the ship at the beginning.

Although this is not the most practical way to play Returnal and even contradicts the philosophy of the creators, it will certainly be necessary for some people to enjoy and fulfill Returnal.

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