PlayStation Shares Some Gobsmacking Ghost of Tsushima Player Stats

PlayStation Shares Some Gobsmacking Ghost of Tsushima Player Stats

PlayStation has shared a bunch of spectacular-sounding Ghost of Tsushima data. The open entire world game’s been out for a couple of weeks now, and it can be truthful to say that gamers have been active. The essential takeaways? People seriously like the Standoff mechanic. They also really like getting pictures. Can not accurately blame them, can you?

This is a speedy listing of the shared stats, presumably having into account every person who’s performed the match with their PS4 connected to the world-wide-web:

  • 156.4 million Standoffs initiated
  • 57.5 million Duels initiated
  • 139.4 million enemies have collapsed in anxiety
  • 810.3 decades have been spent on horseback
  • 16.2 million Warm Springs visited
  • 14.2 million Haikus composed
  • 28.1 million flute tracks have been performed
  • 8.8 million foxes have been petted
  • 17.1 million Bamboo Strikes done
  • 37.5 million Inari Shrines honoured
  • 15.5 million photographs taken

Quite mad, eh? We’d also really like to know how lots of ideal parries have been pulled off, and how numerous instances players have forced their beloved horse to leap off a cliff because they have been as well impatient to go all over. Do you find stats like these exciting? Permit us know how you play Ghost of Tsushima in the feedback area down below.

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