Pokemon Go: Shingaru Miyamoto says he’s “addicted” to the game. sport

Pokemon Go: Shingaru Miyamoto says he's "addicted" to the game.  sport

It was praised by Shingeru Miyamoto, the creator and designer known on the gaming scene as a legend at Japanese game and console developer Nintendo. pokemon go. With a large participation in the creation of such classics as Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda and Mario Brothers, according to him, the success in the mobile format is due to the possibility of playing with friends, family and even neighbors.

Shingaru Miyamoto praises Pokémon Go’s format – Photo: Hype/Nintendo

The statements about Pokémon Go came at a meeting with some Nintendo investors. For Miyamoto, the brilliance of the game developed in collaboration with Niantic is due to the possibility of playing with many people from the most disparate levels of relationships. Still on the game for smartphones, the Japanese manufacturer says it has been “addicted” for at least two years.

– I am currently addicted to Pokemon Go. This game I play with my wife, it’s like a dream come true, to be able to play with my whole family. I have been enjoying Pokemon Go for two years with my family, friends and even neighbors. In Japan, the average person playing sports is probably around 60 years old.

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