Pokémon Master Journey announced later this year

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a Pokémon Company International Officially announced the beginning of Pokémon Master Journey: The Series, A date for the second half of this year, in addition to the Pokémon franchise. The announcement comes with an official description of the new series.

The plot revolves ash Ketchum I Goh While they continue capturing their journey and fighting with their Pokemon in the areas of Galto of Kanto, and support research for the Serery Laboratory. The two continue on their journey to rise through the ranks of the World Coronation Series and their quest for veterans Cat quote.

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The long animated series is based on the game franchise of the same name published by Nintendo and debuted in 1997, airing for 24 years, and to prove its continued success, before it aired on seven different networks It is being broadcast. Its current home Netflix, Amazon prime video I Hulu United States, and other selected regions.

The Pokémon Company has confirmed that the 24th season of Master Journey: Series will debut in select markets in early summer of 2021, although this has not been confirmed at all when fans can expect its return.

The studio also noted that additional markets would see premieres for the final season of the previous year, but did not specify who would receive the most recent batch of first episodes and who would have to wait. The new season will also be part of the company’s 25-year franchise celebrations, which began Pocket Monsters: Red I Pocket Monster: Blue In 1996 in Japan.

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