Poland seeks to obtain liquefied natural gas from Portugal through Science – Energia

Poland seeks to obtain liquefied natural gas from Portugal through Science – Energia

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Moravi confirmed this Friday that his country is interested in a cooperation agreement with Portugal that would allow Poland to deliver additional gas from southern Europe, Reuters reports.

For his part, Antonio Costa also confirmed that Portugal is already in discussions with several governments, including giant Germany, as a transshipment platform for the transfer of fuel from larger ships to smaller methane tankers. About the possibility of using the port of Signs in. , with improved conditions for operation in the North and Baltic Seas. And he said that Lisbon is ready to provide technical support to Warsaw for this process.

In this scenario, Poland and Portugal would be able to cooperate on the potential for “transshipping” capability from the Port of Science, for small methane vessels that would go to ports in central and northern Europe, Polish Prime Minister Antonio Costa said at a conference. With United Press, who are visiting Poland. For Moravik, the LNG coming from Portugal could be sent to a number of countries to help reduce its dependence on Russia. “Poland is becoming a gas hub, so if we can get additional gas from our western or southern neighbors, which will be distributed to Poland, we will be more interested in this type of cooperation with Portugal,” Moravicki said in his statement. Said after meeting with equivalent.

Portugal plans to double Signes’ operational capacity to handle liquefied natural gas tankers and then move LNG from Russia to smaller vessels to ship to countries dependent on piped gas, multiple sources said in April .

The Portuguese government argues that Sinés – the European deepwater port closest to the US coast – could be a gateway for LNG from countries such as the United States, Nigeria or Trinidad and Tobago.

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