Police Officers Are Fired After Failing to Capture the Bandit to Capture Pokémon

Police Officers Are Fired After Failing to Capture the Bandit to Capture Pokémon

when mobile games pokemon go companies were launched by Niantic, Nintendo I The Pokemon Company In 2016, several absurd cases involving the title surfaced. However, as time goes on, stories of inconsistent players keep popping up. One of the strangest cases reported resulted in the sacking of two police officers shiftsUSA, who neglected their job to go after Pokémon they wanted a lot (via) CBR,

This story really started April 2017 When, as VICE reports, two LAPD officers simply overlooked a robbery that was going on to chase two Pokémon during work hours: snorlax I Togetic,

Snorlax, a Pokémon targeted by two police officers.

The former cops discussed whether to answer calls at the store where the robbery was taking place. one of them”data-toBefore locating Snorlax in the in-game app and deciding that its priority would be something else at the time. What they both didn’t know was that the police car they worked in had a video system and their behavior was being recorded, which culminated in their dismissal.

Not accepting the verdict in their cases, the former officers appealed, alleging that their privacy had been violated and citing the case of an officer reinstating the police force. 1975, who had committed several offenses involving alcoholic beverages. However, none of the arguments of the officers were considered valid and their punishment remained the same.

Worst of all, despite being one of the most iconic monsters in the game at the time, today in 2022, Snorlax and Togetik are nothing more than trivial Pokémon for the most dedicated players.

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