Political chat sheds light on the challenges of Paraiba’s economic development

Political chat sheds light on the challenges of Paraiba's economic development

The year the people of Paraiba go to the polls, the debate about the state’s economic development gains momentum. where are we going? What are our challenges and constraints? Which projects are transformative in the short and long term? When will we leave secular problems behind?

In this episode, we speak to Eric Figueredo of Conseicao, Paraiba, President of the Institute of Applied Economic Research, affiliated with the Ministry of Economy.

IPEA helps the government in elaborating public policies for the country. With a post-doctoral degree at the University of Tennessee in the United States, a deep knowledge of the reality of the semi-arid region of the Northeast and Paraiba, Professor of Economics at UFPB, protects development with an appreciation of local funding, the environment, the private sector effective participation of, efficient investment in basic and vocational education.

The list of solutions includes innovative projects, such as selling carbon credits in semi-arid regions and obtaining resources through recycling and sanitary landfills; Besides efficient use of renewable energy and ore production with the establishment of export processing zones. talk to us.

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