Post deleted on instagram? Now you can get it back – 2/3/2021

Post deleted on instagram?  Now you can get it back - 2/3/2021

Instagram on Tuesday (2) announced a new function within the app for the most impulsive. This is the “Recently Removed” tab, a tool that will help you fix content that has been accidentally deleted, or a hasty decision.

According to the company’s statement, the function is now available for both iOS and Android, and people will soon start seeing it in the app.

Instagram also said that it has added other tools to prevent hackers from compromising accounts and removing shared content.

“We know that hackers sometimes delete content while gaining access to an account. And until now, people haven’t had an easy way to bring back photos and videos,” says Text.

“From now on, we will ask additional questions to check whether the person owns the account before permanently removing or restoring the content”, he says.

In addition to shared photos, it will be possible to retrieve videos from IGTV, reels, and even stories. A folder with deleted files will keep the content for 30 days. Deleted stories, however, can only be recovered within 24 hours.

To access the files, go to your profile page (by tapping the display image at the bottom right), access the three-bar menu (at the top right) and click “Settings” and then “Account”. Finally, enter the “Recently Removed” option. You must have the most current version of the application installed.

The sequence shows the “recently deleted” Instagram feature, which allows you to restore recently deleted publications

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