Post-Kovid should be marked by acceleration of entrepreneurship


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Brazil is one of the biggest challenges of all time. Apart from the epidemic, our country is facing an economic crisis that has been going on for months. We are also in a situation of political instability which seems that there is no solution in the short term. There is also a very large spread of false news, which causes more insecurity.

But there are also positive points. Differences of strategic positioning on verified innovation in Brazil compared to the rest of the world are in the behavior of Brazilians: we have greater potential for adaptation to uncertain circumstances, we stand out for our flexibility and this characteristic to make decisions. Contributes to the formulation of strategies resulting in innovative solutions.

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor’s survey data, Brazil is the most enterprising country in the world: three out of ten adult Brazilians between 18 and 64 years own a company or are involved in building their own business. This number is more than registered in countries like China, United States and Japan.

The Brazilian profile is even more important at times like the present, when everything is marked by unpredictability. A study by data and financial intelligence firm Refinitive found that most companies are experiencing high levels of stress in the current scenario – and the flexibility to survive and thrive in that scenario.

Difficulties exist and vary for each case, but they are the ones that push the business toward maturity and leave the entrepreneur looking for solutions. Whether it’s a partner with a complementary profile, assembling a multi-disciplinary team, hiring consulting services, or even mentoring and thinking about professional advisors – bridging the skills gap It is necessary to recognize the need.

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The present moment is one of the strategic changes to face the crisis in the best way. The real fear was transformed into innovation by the new coronovirus epidemic. A survey conducted in June last year by consultancy Twilio revealed the impact of Kovid-19 on business innovation. In interviews with approximately 2,500 C-level officers, approximately 43% responded that the observed acceleration was equivalent to up to four years; For 23% of them, gains in innovation were over 10 years.

This trend is expected to continue in the later phase of Kovid, with an even greater boom in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs gain more relevance when developing business models that aim to meet the lack of investment by government officials (whether at the federal or state level) in health, education, and mobility. Also, of course, to other areas necessary for the development and stability of our country.

In the coming months, we will see a growing development in the objective decision making culture and at a strategic level. In addition, with interest rates at low levels, risk tracking will be differentiated, facilitating investment in Brazilian enterprises, be it by national or foreign investors. Therefore, there is no going back this path! The Kovid-19 crisis and epidemic may end, but the pace of entrepreneurship and innovation is here to stay.

* Monika Pavan is a psychologist with an MBA in Human Resource Management from USP, and a certified innovation consultant by Gonzaf. Executive Director of Agriga

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