Preparing to launch China guided robot on Mars – 05/14/2021

Preparing to launch China guided robot on Mars - 05/14/2021

China is trying to land a small guided robot on Mars on Friday (14), in a particularly complex operation that reflects the space ambitions of this Asian giant.

Last July, China launched its “Tianwen-1” spacecraft towards Mars, which took seven months to travel 55 million kilometers to the red planet. This distance is equal to 1,400 rounds of the Earth.

The probe, which orbited Mars in February, is composed of three elements, including a lander that will land in the next few hours.

The module will allow a Guided robot called “Zurong” (God of fire, in Chinese mythology), goes out to analyze the surface of the planet.

No specific date or time has been officially released, although the Chinese Space Agency (CNSA) initially noted a possible arrival between mid-May and mid-June.

This Friday, it was reported that the operation should take place between “the morning of 15 May and 19 May”.

This Friday, after the announcement of a well-known expert, it is expected that the guided robot will land on Mars this Saturday (15).

According to the Chinese press, the director of the lunar exploration program, Ye Peijian, has predicted that the module will land on Saturday, Beijing time (8:11 pm Friday in Brasilia) at 7:11 am.

If this operation is successful, the robot will allow the red planet to study the rock structure.

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