Prices for Apple’s AirPods Pro are lower than before Black Friday. But for how long?

Prices for Apple's AirPods Pro are lower than before Black Friday.  But for how long?

It may be a few weeks until Black Friday itself, but that hasn’t stopped the Black Friday music deal from coming down anytime soon. If you’re after a pair of Apple’s AirPods Pro wireless earbuds, now is the time to strike, as the price is right now. An insane ਵਿਖੇ 209 at Amazon UK And slayer too Over $ 194 at Amazon US. While they were 199 199 for a hot minute on Amazon UK last week, we didn’t see them cheaper than 194 194 in the US.

Apple AirPods Pro | Was 9 249, now 20 9,209, save ਓ 40
An amazing discount, especially considering the AirPods Pro was launched a year ago. If you want to make a quick pairing, clear audio and X noise cancellation, these are the buds. They are currently available on Amazon UK with a 40 discount.See Deal

Apple AirPods Pro | It was 24 249, now 194 194, save 55 55
This crazy deal for the top flight AirPods Pro is currently live on Amazon US. You don’t have to look any further to create faster pairing, clear audio and X-noise rejection.See Deal

The AirPod Pros are the smartest and most featured feature of Apple’s wireless earbud line-up with a compact and stylish design, and the weight of cooling technology within their small frame. It includes active noise cancellation, local audio that sounds like everything is powered by a home theater system, and the sensor forces for quick and easy control of your tunes. Of course, you also get voice control through Siri. They also look great for their size and weight – peace of mind if you like your music loudly.

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