Professionals believe that returning to office will be difficult and awkward. The business

Professionals believe that returning to office will be difficult and awkward.  The business

It has been a little over a year since most companies in Brazil and around the world have adopted the Home Office. Gradually, some companies start returning to work face-to-face, but for most professionals consulted in the survey conducted by executive recruitment consultant Corn Ferry, this return to office will be difficult and awkward.

More than two-thirds of the 581 professionals interviewed in the United States (70%) say that working remotely is the new normal and that getting back into the office routine will be “difficult” and “awkward”. More than half (55%) say that the idea of ​​going back to the office instead of working at home creates stress, but most feel they may not have a choice.

Among respondents, 58% say that admitting to the boss that they prefer to continue working remotely can harm the potential for professional advancement.

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Nearly three-quarters of respondents (74%) say they have more energy and focus when working from home rather than at the office, and about half of professionals (49%) say that if they are forced to work If done, they will decline the job offer. Timely office integral.

Although most professionals yearn to travel for work when they are allowed again, many remain concerned about this withdrawal. More than three quarters of respondents (76%) say they missed traveling for work, with 41% saying they miss it a lot. Nearly two-thirds (65%) say they are most effective in their jobs when they are allowed to travel, and 93% say that face-to-face meetings with clients and co-workers provide better long-term work. Builds relationships.

However, there is still some hesitation about returning to the pre-pandemic routine. About a quarter (24%) say that they are afraid to travel again due to health problems, even if they are authorized to do so. Two-thirds (66%) say companies should require vaccinations for employees resuming travel.

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Sarah Jensen Clayton, a senior client partner at Korn Ferry, said in a note that, for many professionals, the business journey is an important part of how people form strong bonds with colleagues and clients and how they work. “As we plan for the future after the pandemic, business leaders will need to balance the priority of employee safety with the benefits of face-to-face meetings to ensure that teams are effective and healthy. Huh.” In this final survey, the consultancy listened to 808 professionals in the United States.

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