Program to remotely access any computer

Program to remotely access any computer

Remotely computer access programs

There are many tools that we use in our day to day life. We not only speak computer equipment For work, but also on a personal level. We can have many computers, tablets, mobiles … sometimes we are also interested in remotely accessing computers so that we can read documents or open files.

Remote work is increasingly present. Many employees perform their tasks from anywhere, without being physically in the company. However, it is sometimes necessary to remotely access computer equipment. Hence the importance of having programs that allow us to control computers.


A device that we can use to access computers remotely is Anydesk. It is a very useful program and it also works very fast. This is basically a requirement of this type of software and thus avoid slowdown.

Is one Safe program, With TLS 1.2 encryption. This provides low latency, with no lag on most displays and connections. Also, one very interesting thing that we should keep in mind is that it is multiplier. We can use it in operating systems like Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS and Android.

We can get all the information and also download it on our page Official web.


Another very interesting program is to use a computer remotely Top. We can control a computer without having to physically go there. On their website they emphasize simplicity of use. They indicate that apart from having quick access, it is not necessary to configure anything at the firewall or router level.

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An interesting thing is that it allows you to install it Multiple systems at the same time. Thus if necessary we can control more than one team. It provides a secure and reliable transfer, chat, we can customize the interface and is also cross-platform for use on both mobile devices and desktop computers.

On their website we can all find Information.


Team viewer

We are facing a classic of remote access. Team viewer Provides a simple, complete and fully functional interface for regular use of this type of program. It also works on many platforms, as we can install it on Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS or Android.

The connection established by TeamViewer is secure. It uses common username and password combinations as well as a unique numeric code to establish the link between client and server. Once we confirm access, we can do anything as if it is physically in front of that computer. The program is free for personal use, although it also has a more fully paid version.

We all find it on its website Information.

Vulnerability in TeamViewer

Chrome remote desktop

Together Chrome remote desktop We are also faced with a widely used device. Being able to remotely enter a computer for personal or work use is very useful. In this case, it is an extension available for the popular Google Chrome browser.

Its use is very simple, as it basically involves installing add-ons from the official Chrome Store on both computers (the one that serves as the client and server). You must have a Google Account. We can easily install it on any computer.

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We can see all your data Web.

Chrome remote


Another program that allows us to control the computer remotely Splashtop. We can install it on both desktop and mobile computers, so we can use it anywhere.

Splashtop is a free and paid version. The first is more oriented to private users and has some limitations that we can avoid with the paid version, more oriented towards commercial usage. In its Web We got all the information.


Realvnc This is also another interesting tool that we can keep in mind to access any computer remotely. It is available in various versions, also free. We can install it on Windows, Linux and MacOS, as well as mobile devices. It has AES 256-bit encryption, two-factor authentication and is very flexible.

Genuine V.N.C.

This, for example, is another service to be able to assist remote teams. It is very useful on many occasions. In its Web Page We have all the information.

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