PS5: PS “Spartacus” service may be announced this week – Radio Itatia

PS5: PS "Spartacus" service may be announced this week - Radio Itatia
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Sony may announce its new subscription service by Friday (2). It’s the project, still run by the Spartacus code, that promises a fusion of the traditional PS Plus with the PS Now streaming service. The new scheme would still allow access to games from previous generations, but would hardly give subscribers a release on the date of publication.

For now everything is superficial and it is not known whether it will be exclusive to PS5 or even with PS4 options. Sony is secretive about the service, with rumors and leaks shaping a sketch of the service. The fact is that Spartacus makes Sony’s subscription service more competitive than Microsoft’s unbeatable Game Pass.

Today, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC gamers can access a library of over 100 games. The service provides access to so-called “Day One” releases, with prices starting at $45 per month, on the day of publication.

On the other hand, the older PlayStation Plus basically allows the player to play matches online and get monthly access to two to three games selected by the company. The service has a monthly fee of R$34.90, as well as quarterly (R$84.90) and annual (R$199.90) plans.

To play online, you must be a subscriber. The problem is that the player does not have access to the titles made available in the previous months. In other words, collection starts with subscription and remains available as long as the account is active. So, if he wants a game that has been made available in the past, he has to pay for it.

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Another mod that Sony offers in some markets, but not in Brazil, is the PS Now. The service adds a library of games that can be played remotely. It is a game streaming like Netflix. With Spartacus, Sony intends to unify the two services.

first day

One of the highlights of Microsoft’s Game Pass is giving you instant access to releases from Microsoft Studios and partners. However, rumors suggest that Sony will not be making its exclusives available on the date of publication.

backward compatibility

But the big hope is that Sony will finally offer a definitive backwards compatibility service on its platform. One of the promises of the PS5 will be access to PS1 and PS2 libraries as well as PS4 content.

Sony / Disclosure

At the time of the announcement of the current top of the line, it was said that PS3 games would hardly be added due to the complex architecture of the Veteran released in 2006. However, new technologies are being tested for the PS5, which may eventually allow it to play content from all previous generations.

in brazil

Despite all the anticipation about Sony’s new subscription service, it’s still hard to know exactly what’s coming in Brazil. PlayStation Now was officially launched in the United States in January 2014.

It debuted in the UK in 2015 and was made available in some European markets the following year. In Japan, it started in 2017. Since then, the service has stalled and has just over 3 million subscribers.

One of Sony’s claims to the ban of service is the quality of the connection structure. And that’s understandable, as the service relies on very powerful bandwidth for the player on his device to run games on Sony’s servers.

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Marcelo Ramos

And despite the fact that Brazil offers fast broadband in large centers, the country is far from being a reference and fast internet. According to Speedtest, which monitors connections around the world, Brazil is ranked 47th out of 122 countries.

The average speed here is 22.09 Mbps, while the global average is 98.67 Mbps. Will Spartacus reach Taupiniquin land?

Now is the time to wait!

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