PSN. Leaked on New Square Enix Games

PSN.  Leaked on New Square Enix Games

Voice of Cards: Isle of Dragon Roars is a new title that has yet to be officially confirmed by the company

bot PSNRelease Notifies via Twitter of all additions made to Play Station Network. This Monday (09), he informed about the inclusion of the game Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars and PSN Asia. The title is a game that has yet to be officially revealed by Square Enix, which From last year it was already registered by the company.

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Apart from a picture taken of the logo, there is no further information about the game. image The card has three characters And the design bears some similarities to the Final Fantasy franchise.

In the center we see a young knight drawing a sword, in side letter a woman with long hair and dark clothes, who is seen sitting on a horse and holding a magic wand. On the other hand we have an animal lying on the bag. From the user-friendly design, we can imagine that it is someone from the main team, such as the Moogles of the Final Fantasy franchise.

The image shows three characters from the game Voice of Cards(Credit: Square Enix)

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Although there is no other information about the game, PSN records indicate that the first news about the title should be announced soon. As Happened with Dragon Quest XIIhandjob A small teaser should come out soon. Square Enix is ​​releasing some acclaimed titles like Final Fantasy VII: Remake. Also in 2021 the company will release the long-awaited Life is Strange: True Colors. The game that will tell the story of Alex Chen who has the ability to see emotions like colors. Additionally, the Guardians of the Galaxy game arrives on October 26th and will put the player in charge of Starlord.

Despite the anticipation of a Guardians of the Galaxy game, The Recent Fuss With The Marvel Avengers This is a sign that it may be important to keep expectations low. Anyway, the company has great titles to launch by the end of the year and what leaks indicate also has a new IP to reveal.

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