Queen Elizabeth’s Palace has only one TV set

Só? Revelam que Rainha Elizabeth só tem uma televisão em casa - Reprodução Instagram/@theroyalfamily

Prince this week Charles He met young students in Northern Ireland, and a curious student there asked an unusual question about Queen Elizabeth II: he wanted to know how many TVs the 95-year-old emperor had.

According to Charles, the mother has just one TV to watch her favorite shows.

“I think there is one. And maybe even one or two other places, you never know.” He replied.

Charles’s revelation may come as a surprise because Queen Elizabeth lives on six properties throughout the year: Buckingham Palace in London, Hillsborough Castle in Ireland, Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, Balmoral Castle and Holyrood Palace which are both in Scotland as well as Windsor Castle.

The Emperor is a fan of ‘Doughton Abbey’ and the British soap opera ‘Coronation Street’ shows and it is rumored that he watched a few episodes of Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ series, which portrays the story of his life and the royal family.

According to the Daily Mail, if she actually has only one television, the queen will not be the only member of the royal family who is content to live decently.

Earlier this year, a photo of the living room of her daughter, Princess Anne, was posted on social media after people commented that it looked like a ‘very normal’ room.

A tweet on the official account of the royal family, with a photo of the princess Anne and her husband, Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Lawrence watching the rugby, had the caption: “As patron of @Scotlandteam, the royal princess supports the team. Stands. . His Majesty and Vice-Admiral Sir Tim were cheering for Scotland from home today, playing against England for the Calcutta Cup, 150 years after their first game. Good game, Scotland! “

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One Twitter user commented, ‘This seems normal to me. This is not an art gallery, this is his home. Princess Anne probably has more formal rooms for formal occasions; Watching TV is not one of them. “

Another user said, ‘I feel like home from this. I like a pile of books, ”he commented.

Crucial meeting

Prince Charles wants to meet Prince Harry when his son returns to the UK in July to inaugurate the statue of his mother, the late Princess Diana.

However, he and the Duke of Sussex had a brief conversation during his stay in England for the funeral of his grandfather, Prince Philip, with royal advisors stating that a new meeting should be scheduled in the future and did not discuss that difficult time Should be known Family..

According to royalty expert Caroline Davis, Charles is a practical man and wants to clarify the whole situation with his son.

Davis believes, “Obviously he will do what is best for his family. Harry is his son and for emotional reasons he will not disappoint him, but he would like to know all his future intentions.”

The biographer also said that it is unlikely that Prince William Neither attend this meeting, nor does Queen Elizabeth II.

“It will be a conversation between father and son, and between the future king of England and his successor. Things may be a bit more emotional, but Charles would certainly like to know if he would trust Harry when he became king,” says Huh .

However, the meeting is scheduled to take place in late June, when Harry will again arrive in the UK. There are those who believe that Prince cannot attend the opening of his mother’s statue at Kensington Palace, as he still faces problems with brother William.

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