Radio PX 1978 film Train . was the inspiration

Radio PX 1978 film Train .  was the inspiration

There is a huge impact of TV on people’s lives that cannot be denied. Every year, countless productions debut on the small screen and the big screen, more or less affecting their target audience. Some of these presentations can have a huge impact on an entire generation. But, in some cases, it is everyday things that affect the creators of these works.

This is the case for the American action-comedy film Convoy (1978), which depicts truck drivers fighting corrupt police officers as they travel several highways and use their PX radios to communicate with and avoid lawmakers. use.

The film was filmed almost entirely in the state of New Mexico in 1977, when the use of CB radio (citizen band or banda do sidadao), known as PX in Brazil, was at the height of popularity. This type of radio did not require a license to operate, and was particularly useful for truck drivers to communicate.

Upon learning of radio fame, singer McCall and songwriter Chip Davis bought a CB radio, and listened to the truckers and wrote the song Convoy in 1975, which spawned the film of the same name.

To be able to use the radio at will, truckers began to create their own slang, and new name, QRA. During the 1970s, with the oil crisis, truck drivers boarded convoys, police patrols, using their radios to evade radar, and even on all US federal highways at 55 mph, almost To exceed the speed allowed for the time being at 88 km/h.

In addition, the CB radio was particularly useful for information about highways, accidents, obstacles, construction work, and anything else that could put a truck driver out of hand.

Catch Me If You Can (Smokey and the Bandit – 1977)

With the success of films such as Convoy, and other productions whose posters were stamped by Radio CB, such as Breaker! the breaker! and Bandit – 1977), more and more people joined radio users, creating a worldwide network of decentralized communication, still used today in many countries around the world, such as Brazil.

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