Rahim Sterling missed England’s clash with Belgium with a ‘minor’ injury. Football news

Raheem Sterling has scored 11th goals in his past 12 England appearances

Raheem Sterling suffered a “minor” injury ahead of England’s national league game from Belgium on Sunday, with Gareth Sae Southgate saying he hopes to be fit by the end of next week.

Ahead of the game, news broke on the England team’s official Twitter account, in which South Thagate said: Sky Sports That was a “small swallow” shortly after Sterling.

Speaking before the kick-off, he said: “Rahim felt something a few days ago and did not train on Friday as a precaution.

“She started training yesterday and was not really happy about it. We have discussed this and taking a chance is not the same.

“I think he will recover by the end of the week, but the games are over for us.

“It was a bit heavy pitch when we trained on Friday and it’s a small swallow. He got a good rest earlier in the week – it was an unfortunate incident, but not one that is going to keep him out for long. “

With South Thagat predicting that Sterling will “recover by the end of the week”, this makes his inclusion in England’s final National League match against Iceland on Wednesday – live on Sky Sports – doubtful.

Manchester City are hopeful that Sterling will recover in time for their clash with Tottenham on Saturday – also live on Sky Sports – as they bid for a five-point gap in the Premier League between him and Jose Mourinho’s side. Puts.

England v Iceland to advance to Wembley

England will be allowed to play their Nation League match against Iceland at Wembley on Wednesday.

The National Stadium will host England’s final Group A2 match when the UK government granted the Icelandic team an “Elite Athlete Discount” to complete the match.

Entry from Denmark – where Iceland plays on Sunday – is currently banned for non-British residents following a new outbreak of coronavirus, which was believed to have originated on mink farms in the country.

The FA has called on the Icelandic government to grant “elite athletes a waiver” that would allow them to enter the UK under strict rules.

The FA said in a statement: “We are pleased to confirm that the UEFA Nations League against Iceland will take place at the Fixed Wembley Stadium next Wednesday, following discussions with the relevant authorities.”

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