Rangnik reveals conversation with Cristiano Ronaldo after he was kicked off the field – 01/20/2022

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Manchester United beat Brentford away from home with a stunning victory last Wednesday (19) for the Premier League round of 17. However, the game was marked by the fact that coach Ralph Rangnik replaced Cristiano Ronaldo in the 26th minute of the second half, which greatly angered the Portuguese on the bench. After the game, Rangnik revealed what Ronaldo said while leaving the match.

, He said to me: “Why me? Why was I replaced?” I told him that I have to decide and think about the best for the team at that time. Maybe one day, when he is a coach, he will understand what happens. Obviously I wasn’t expecting him to hug him after he took him off the field. I know how players like Cristiano Ronaldo think and what inspires them. But I need to think about the team. We don’t have any relationship problems? Rangnik said.

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When Manchester United’s coach decided to make changes, the team was winning 2 to 1 and six minutes later completed the victory with a goal from Rashford, exactly one that came off the bench. Cristiano Ronaldo, who had not played since 3 January, missed out on a win scored by United. Starr’s last goal was in a win over Burnley on 30 December.

Even though Rangnik has guaranteed that his relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo has no problems, the UK press is already reporting the player’s potential dissatisfaction within the club. The Portuguese could also leave United at the end of the current season if the club does not qualify for the Champions League.

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Manchester United are currently ranked 7th in the Premier League with 35 points. The loss to West Ham, who are fourth and will be last in the Champions League, is only two points. In the next match, both the teams will meet on Saturday (22) at Old Trafford (Brasilia) at 12 noon.

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