Rayssa Leal wins unprecedented gold at X Games

Rayssa Leal wins unprecedented gold at X Games

Posted on 24/04/2022 08:58 / Updated 24/04/2022 09:09

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In the early hours of this Sunday, the Brazilian game experienced another fairy tale. Silver medalist at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Resa Leal took the top step of the podium for the first time at the X Games in Chiba, Japan. At the age of 14, Imperatridge’s Maranho surpassed fourth place in the 2019 Minneapolis stage in the United States. She is the youngest champion of the competition.

Resa reached the final in third place for the final. In the decision, she surpassed housewives Funa Nakayama and Yumeka Oda to win an unprecedented gold medal. She surpassed hostess Funa Nakayama (Silver) and Australian Chloe Cowell (Bronze). Among other Brazilians, Pamela Rosa finished sixth, and Gabriela Mazato, the world’s main event of extreme sports, finished seventh.

“My first medal at the X Games is gold. Another medal in Japan for Brazil. Thanks for the fans, friends”, wrote Raisa Leal on Twitter at the end of the race. Upon receiving the award, the Brazilians shouted “bravo” from the contestants She shed tears as she celebrated, she hugged and put on her helmet before posing for photos.

Brazil did not have the same success among men. The country was knocked out of the final. Luiz Francisco and Gui Khouri were ninth and tenth, respectively, and did not advance past the knockout stage. Earlier, in the first two days of competition in Japan, Ghi Khuri had won a silver medal in skate vert at the X Games in Chiba.

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