Read Charlize Theron’s Rock Hall of Fame Speech Indicating Depression Mode

Read Charlize Theron's Rock Hall of Fame Speech Indicating Depression Mode

Academy Award-winning actress Charlize Theron on Saturday night inducted electronic music pioneer Deep Mode into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, enthusiastically announcing the group’s music as “the soundtrack of my life”.

Thorne – who was recently seen portraying Megan Kelly in an Oscar-nominated performance in “BombShell” – was fondly remembered for watching the band in music and coming home in tears. She was so inspired by the band that she was pressured to include their song, “Behind the Wheels,” in her film “Atomic Gold”.

DePache Mode was first able to join the hall in 2006, and has since been based on the strengths of his major albums “Black Celebration” (1986), “Mr. Music Zick for the Message” (1987) and “Wirelater”. Nominated three times (1990). The UK band’s rocks and electronic elements and its sensitivity to darkness and its wide appeal attract fans like Theron, who said that “their music brings together people from different walks of life.”

Read his speech below:

“Depic mode is the voice of my youth. I’m not kidding – there was literally one song for every occasion of my life: my first date, my first time leaving South Africa, and of course the first time my heart broke. And so when I finally saw them alive a few years ago, it was like this epic slap in the face of sadness. But more than that, when I was on the show I realized what I like most about their music: they celebrate the outsider. Their music brings people from different walks of life and makes them feel like it’s okay to be different. It really hit me by watching the video at the ceremony. I was in tears. I came home, I told my daughters about it, and I was having a hard time because I don’t usually go to rock parties to get my eyes out.

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“But the truth is, it speaks of immense strength over the years. That’s why, when I got the chance to choose some songs for the ‘Atomic Gold’ sound, they were first on my list. No wonder he’s on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame list – he should have been there 20 years ago if it depended on me. But what a wonderful honor it is. Thank you, friends, for being the voice of my life. ”

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