Real Madrid stars meet Faustão in Sao Paulo. soccer

Real Madrid stars meet Faustão in Sao Paulo.  soccer

Rodrigo, Kaka and Vinnie Jr. Fausto. meet with

Fausto Silva, Faustao,
Organized a special meeting on Monday afternoon (20). Presenter brings together three great players who made history real madrid
For lunch: Vinicius Jr. and Rodrigo,
Winner of this year’s European Champions League, and former Uncle,
Who also won many titles for Merengue Club. The meeting was shared by Vinnie Jr. on a social network.

See Vinicius Jr.’s photo gallery below:

“Thanks for the lunch, Fausto!”, wrote Real Madrid shirt number 20.

After winning the Champions League, the current pair of players spend a holiday in Brazil before returning to Europe to prepare for the next season.

Before landing on Brazilian soil, the former Flamengo player still had a special commitment. in Miami, where they have a mansion, Vinicius Junior
A festive game organized by former players Ronaldinho Gacho and Roberto Carlos took part in and cheered the fans present. In addition to Real Madrid’s No. 20, other big names today participated in the friendly, such as Paul Pogba, Eder Milito and Paulo Dybala.

As they prepare for the return of the Spanish championship in August, Real Madrid players will also follow the results of the Copa Libertadores de América, considering a future opponent in the FIFA Club World Cup final, which has yet to date. Haven’t. However, due to the World Cup in Qatar, everything indicates that the tournament will take place only in 2023. In addition to Real Madrid, the Seattle Sounders from the United States, and Vodad Casablanca from Morocco are also guaranteed in the competition.

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