‘Realistic’ Sean Deutsche remained positive after a tough start for Burnley

‘Realist’ Sean Dyche staying positive after tough start for Burnley

Burnley boss Sean Deutsche says he’s not really one to worry about the consequences.

Deutsche, whose team has lost all three of its Premier League matches so far this season, says the focus is on planning ahead.

The next sword for the Clarets is Monday’s clash with West Brom in Hawthorns.

They lost 4-2 in Leicester in the opening match of their campaign, then lost 1-0 at home to Tampton and 3-1 at Newcastle Castle.

When asked if he would start worrying about the outcome, Deutsche said: “I’ve never been more worried.

“I have always been a realist. There is always a concern in everything in football. But I’m not really worried.

“I think we plan: we plan, and we reconsider, and we add detail, and we see ourselves. I always look at myself, the staff, and we see what we’re doing.

“Then we combine the realities of the challenge at the moment, with injuries, etc. Then we combine the realities of the challenge with the games we are playing, because we remind ourselves that this is the Premier League, this is a very difficult league. Is.

“Then we act on it all and try to combine it all and move on.

“We only work with the players to get the best out of them because if we do, you get results.”

Deutsche had seven players missing due to injury a few weeks ago and is permanently absent from three games before Monday’s game, with Meen, Jack Cork and Matt Lotan.

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The manager hopes former West Brom striker Jay Rodriguez will be able to play a part in all competitions after missing the last three games with ankle problems, and Burnley’s Johan Berg Goodmundson (Green) and Bailey Peark-Farrell (Hip). Are evaluating).

Ashley Barnes, James Tarkovsky, Goodmundsson and Robbie Brady all returned to the match day squad before the international break.

Deutsche said: “I would like to think that we have found a group that is coming back, a mindset that is definitely intact, there is a focus.

“They know the challenge. We now have a group that has become more experienced due to their years of playing in the Premier League. We know the challenges, we know you can work hard in the Premier League.

“Ideally, you get a quick point on the board, it’s just a kind of safety net and everyone feels right about themselves.

“But first we got off to a strong start and went through it. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. ”

Burnley face West Brom, who have won one of their last four games so far this season.

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