Realme GT 2 series is coming next week

Realme GT 2 series is coming next week

The back of the Nexus 6P can be developed by size using special materials.

H I R D et S

a Motorola Moto Edge X30 The Snapdragon 8 became the first phone to be offered with Gen 1, and for a while it looked like realme gt 2 pro Also – or at least a more serious initial. In the end, the brand has kept the secrets of the top phones to itself and is slowly dropping the details, so the design below is also from an unofficial source.

Possible look of Realme GT 2 Pro
Possible look of Realme GT 2 Pro (Source: onleaks / 91mobiles, [+]

However, we can show a phone that is very similar to the phone below: a The Google Nexus 6P is now six years old, but it was already there in size and composition, and the camera excelled. It’s hard to believe from any point of view today that there is only one optics under the black glass bar, and surely the Realme GT 2 Pro will offer more with different viewing angles.

a nexus 6p
a nexus 6p [+]

In addition, the manufacturer promises the exclusive use of the ingredients Naoto FukawasasWith a designer, that could mean some kind of bio-based support solution. realme gt master It was anyway available in an attractive vegan leather design, so the brand already has experience in the subject. By the way, official preliminary talks about the GT2 series, so when it introduces itself on 20 December it will have more than one member, and since it can be read in Hungarian, we can also expect an international debut as well. can. Sugar.

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