Rebelday Without Easter has nearly 100 ads – Metro World News Brasilla

Rebelday Without Easter has nearly 100 ads - Metro World News Brasilla

what is that? thin crust? or a commodity? ,Hop: Rebel Without EasterOne of the movies with the highest number of affiliate ads – by the way, has a good chance of being at the top of the list.

The feature was chosen by TV Globo for this Good Friday (15th day) “afternoon session”. It mixes animation with live-action such as “Garfield” and “Alvin and the Chipmunks”.

The film tells the story of Junior, a hare who loves to play the drums and dreams of being successful with music. However, his father has other plans: to continue the tradition of becoming the Easter Bunny, which was followed for four thousand years.

Junior moves to Hollywood, where he believes he can finally become a big star. Upon arriving, she is nearly crushed by Fred, a young man who is eventually pressured by his family to get a job. They become friends, with Fred helping Junior make his way into the music scene.

Junior’s entire dream is wrapped up in dozens of merchandising: Universal Pictures has gathered a total of 92 commercial partners for the feature, According to the Hollywood Reporter,

Among the brands are world-renowned labels such as Walmart, Burger King, Comcast, Hallmark, The Hershey Company and Kodak. The studio has also partnered with foreign companies such as El Corte Ingalls in Spain and JJ in South Africa.

In total, Universal has raised over $75 million worldwide from advertising from partners and licensees. Of this total, approximately 19 million were made with television commercials in the United States.

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worth it? Well, although it received a lot of negative reviews, the film has grossed over 184 million worldwide.

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