Record daily pollution in Britain, health authority warns national newspaper

Record daily pollution in Britain, health authority warns national newspaper

Brazilians are struggling to get home from Britain. The Health Authority on Monday warned of an unprecedented level of coronovirus infection.

The United Kingdom arrives at the end of this year amid relief and suffering, not really knowing what to feel. On one hand, the vaccine – every day, more and more Britons in the risk group take the first dose. On the other, the expressive growth of infected and overload of hospitals.

This Monday (28), the number of daily contamination broke a record: it exceeded 40 thousand for the first time since the onset of the epidemic.

The new version of Coronavirus continues to spread rapidly there. There is still no evidence that the mutation causes a more severe form of Kovid or it cannot be prevented with current vaccines, but there are indications that it is up to 70% more infectious.

The London Ambulance Service said that this Saturday (26) was one of the busiest days in history.

The director of a city hospital made an appeal on the Internet: “Please respect the restrictions. Our nurses and doctors are incredibly overwhelmed, caring for very sick patients. No one should underestimate the effects of an infection . ”

In the northern hemisphere winters – right now living with this increase in kovid cases is the worst case scenario. This is a time of year when respiratory infections are common. In December and January, the situation is usually difficult in hospitals without coronovirus.

“A huge chaos, despair”, says Francisco of Brazil, who wants to leave the United Kingdom, but is unable. He went in October to study English and stayed for six months. At the time, the situation seemed to be under control in most parts of England and Europe, but a second wave soon followed and now became a virus mutation. He was looking forward to a comeback. He managed to get a ticket from Sao Paulo to London for this Tuesday (29th) night, but since last week the Brazilian government has halted the arrival of direct flights from the United Kingdom, following what many countries have done.

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In a note, Itamarti said it was dealing with canceled flights to the Brazilian situation in the United Kingdom, and the Consulate General in London continued to provide relevant information.

Francisco and 200 others organized a group to ask that the flights be approved and that they could enter the country with a negative Kovid test, following all necessary safety protocols.

“We have a serious situation of people who have no money, who arrive with a plan, are unable to stay in the country for long. Those who have surgery scheduled in Brazil and are unable to return. We just want to go home, ”said nurse Francisco Santana Junior.

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