Red Bull implements a new setback for Mercedes and brings five professionals to the engine division

Red Bull implements a new setback for Mercedes and brings five professionals to the engine division

The rivalry between Red Bull and Mercedes has gone far ahead of the tracks.

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If relations between Red Bull and Mercedes were already piqued that the Torians hired rival engineering chief Ben Hodgkinson, the broth promises to spread even more. On Thursday morning (6), the energy team announced the hiring of five more professionals for its new engine division called Red Bull Powertrines, which will handle the development of driving units after Honda departs later this year . They all come from Mercedes.

Steve Bulwett will be the production director for Red Bull’s power unit. Omid Mostagimi will head the powertrain electronics and energy recovery system; Pip Clode will serve as the mechanical design chief for the energy recovery system, while Steve Brody will be the leader of the internal combustion engine operations group. All four are employees of the Mercedes-Benz High Performance Powertrain, based in Brixworth, England, and which is responsible for the manufacture and development of engines that have dominated F1 since the beginning of the hybrid era, starting in 2014.

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Christian Horner reinforces Red Bull's ambition with its new engine division

Christian Horner reinforces Red Bull’s ambition with its new engine division

Photo: Getty Image / Red Bull Content Pool / Grand Prix

Anton Mayo, who also served as an engineering leader at Mercedes but took on the role on a temporary basis before being hired by Red Bull, arrived in the new engine division as project manager for the power unit.

All professionals will report to Hodgkinson, whose contract was announced on April 23, a scenario that affects the already fierce rivalry between Red Bull and Mercedes in this 2021 Formula 1 season.

Red Horn chief Christian Horner highlighted the arrival of new professionals as another example of the Taurians’ ambition in the project to develop their own engine.

“Red Bull’s mission to bring all its aspects of Red Bull completely through the Red Bull Powertrain is extremely exciting, but also extremely demanding,” he said.

“We know that success will only be achieved when the best and brightest talent is exposed, they are provided with the right tools and the right environment to thrive. Hiring key leadership teams today with these objectives Demonstrates our strong commitment and we certainly benefit from our campus located in the United Kingdom, where we have a huge asset in terms of engineering.

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