Reggae-gene Page talks about “Bridgeton” in an interview with GQ Magazine

Reggae-gene Page talks about "Bridgeton" in an interview with GQ Magazine

The actor told the British magazine that he is no longer part of a WhatsApp group with the cast of “Bridgeton”.

reggae-jean page, British actor who played Duke Simon in the series “Bridgeton” Netflix, gave an interview to the magazine GQ from UK. The actor talked a little bit about his participation in the series which was a success on the streaming platform and which still got him nominated for amy.

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Page, who was one of the protagonists of the first season of “Bridgeton” and won millions of fans around the world, still has an uncertain name for the next season of the plot. Although he said in April that he had dropped out of the show’s cast, fans are still expecting some participation in season two.

However, the actor converted at this point. Reggae-Jean Page gave an enigmatic answer about her character’s possible involvement in the next episode of “Bridgeton”. See what he told GQ magazine:

“You know I can’t tell you (…). Is there nothing wonderful in marveling at what you weren’t suspecting?”

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Reggae-gene page reveals he left “Bridgeton” group on WhatsApp

Despite cryptic backlash about participating in the series’ second season, René-Jean Page revealed that she is no longer part of the group. WhatsApp From the ‘Bridgeton’ cast. This information is in line with sources heard by the magazine Diversity, who claims that he will not appear in the new episodes.

“No, the universe has expanded. I’m no longer there (in the Messenger app group),” Page said

GQ magazine tried to find out more about the incident and asked him if he had not been fired, while Page said he left “respectfully”.

“I walked out respectfully. I didn’t want to put him in such an awkward position where he had to get me out.”

So, do you think there’s still a possibility for a reggae-gen page to appear in “Bridgeton”? tell us Twitter!

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