Region: Rondonia’s film won three more awards at international festivals in Seattle and Philadelphia in the United States

Region: Rondonia's film won three more awards at international festivals in Seattle and Philadelphia in the United States

Author: Emerson Barbosa

Director Alex Pritz and producers Bitte and Gabriel Uchida attend the avant-garde premiere of “The Territory” at the 48th Seattle International Film Festival in the United States on Thursday night (22).

When submitting the work, the filmmakers had no idea that O Territorio would already be counted on to win the festival. Seattle In two categories such as the journalism of News Rondonia I was able to detect in particular.

In addition, the film doubled with the Philadelphia International Environmental Film Festival (Greenscreen: Philadephia Environmental Filmfestival). best movie to the liking of the public.

eagerly watched,Area It was highly praised and considered a fascinating work in the eyes of critics. “A fascinating representation of a Brazilian tribe’s struggle for its land, culture and the right to exist in an increasingly authoritarian nation”.

Another point is “the use of technology capable of swaying the tide of destruction, in which the protagonist and Indigenous activist Bitate bring a hard-won glimmer of hope to his community”, excerpts from the presentation say.

win prizes

the field has already been won Audience Award and Special Jury Award for Documentary CraftFeather Sundance Festival In the United States of America (USA). he was also honored Copenhagen International Documentary Festival (CPH:DOX), FACT Category Special Jury Mention,

In Holland, the film’s director Alex Pritz won the statue in the category activism at the festivalInternational “Films That Matter” (Films That Matter Festival),

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