Remedy developer says controlling for two generations is “useless”

Remedy developer says controlling for two generations is "useless"

According to the Director of Communications for Remedy Entertainment Control), Thomas Puha, was working a game of “nonsense” on two generations of completely different consoles at the same time.

Talking to Site IGN, Puha described the struggles that developers face to take on Control From one generation to the next, especially when the work the studio does is small and resource-less (such as a solution).

“To be frank whenever you’re at this point of generation, it’s useless,” Puha said. “You have to support the previous generation, make sure everything is right, and then what you bring to the next generation is still limited by the choices you made for the previous generation years ago. It is not a very realistic thing, that in this old game we are just going to do everything again and then take it to the next generation. It is not quite like it. This is not a reality for us, because you are really taking resources that are building the game of the future and improving the engine for the future ”.

Puha said that’s why PS5 and Xbox series games no longer look as good as we’d like – better than the previous generation, certainly, but perhaps not so much the dramatic update that people would like to do.

“The games that will be released, the things we are working on, the visual bar, you will be amazed. And you just need to look at the previous generations. You see something like this modern war. I don’t understand how good this game looks on the Xbox One and PS4. And in the present generation, you will have the same condition. We will see many improvements ”.

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Puha pointed out that many problems with developing games for new generations are related to resources and tools for developers. They looked at Control Originally released in August 2019 with a version of its engine, but it has been fully updated to include state-of-the-art support – effectively breaking everything as Remedy was already in place.

Developers should effectively choose what they want to work on, he said. But if they want to make full use of every piece of next generation technology for games brought in from the previous generation, it may take time that they will spend creating new games.

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