Renato Sanchez: “Honestly, I feel better than when I signed for Bayern a few years ago.”

Renato Sanchez: "Honestly, I feel better than when I signed for Bayern a few years ago."

When Byron Mich Nich signed the Renato Sanchez, his arrival was met with high expectations. The Bavarian roster, however, was already full of talented midfielders, who initially put the Portuguese behind eight balls.

From there, things just got worse. From a failed loan Swansea City With reluctance (both on and off the farm), Sanchez never found comfort Germany.

Now with Lily OSC, it looks like the 23-year-old is finally entering her comfort zone.

Renato Sanchez is trying to get his career back on track after a disappointing tenure with Bayern Munich.
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After battling some hamstring issues, Sanchez scored his first League 1 Uber Eats goal in Leila’s 3-0 win over RC Strasbourg Alsace in October, but many are hoping that a good start for Sanchez will only begin. Is.

“Honestly, when I signed for Bayern a few years ago, I feel better than that,” said Sanchez, who has been the team’s highest-paid team. “The more I play, the more I feel confident. This is exactly what has changed since then. It’s true that it surprised a lot of people when I got here, but if I had made that choice it would have been to play. And it’s happening now so I’m very happy with it. Later, we have a lot of young talent in the team, and it also confirms my initial selection. “

Without competing with the players Joshua Kimich, Leon Goretzka, Quentin Toliso, Thiago Alcantara, Xavier Martinez, Arturo Vidal, Zabi Alonso, etc., sangats are able to free their minds and can only focus on becoming a good player.

The change in scenery and mindset seems to be working as Sanchez has now played 75 minutes or more in his last four matches and seems to have solidified his position as an early XI fix. Instead of worrying about their playing time or situation, Sanchez can focus on how he can best help his team.

“Our team has a lot of qualities, but we have to show it in every match, not just against Lyon! That’s the way forward, “said Sanchez. “We’ll do the accounting in the end, and we’ll see if we’re first, second or worse, that’s when we can really judge ourselves.”

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