Repair Too Many Injuries: Windows 11 Build 22000.65 Experience New Version – Windows 11 –

Repair Too Many Injuries: Windows 11 Build 22000.65 Experience New Version – Windows 11 –

Following the release of the first preview version of Windows 11 (Build 2200.51), Microsoft recently released the second version preview update (Build 222000.56) for Insider users. Compared to the previous version, this time we mainly fixed some obvious bugs in the previous version, and also added some detailed experiences.

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1. Start Menu

The new version adds a search bar at the top of the Start menu to allow users to search for documents, apps, settings, and other content.

After clicking, it will directly lead to the search panel. Notably, the whole process is actually equivalent to adding a shortcut entry to the Start menu. Since the two panels are not the same size, the whole jump is actually pretty blunt, and the feel isn’t great.

2. Refresh “Return”

The final version of the right-click menu canceled the “refresh” function, which was considered to provoke public anger. After scolding for a while, “refresh” is finally back. But don’t be overjoyed, this timeMicrosoftIn the desktop menu only Refresh is restored, and File Explorer is still the same. Also, the menu shadow issue in the two situations is not resolved, which is far from perfect as imagined.

3. Taskbar “Show Desktop”

“Display Desktop” is still a narrow one, but it’s actually better than the previous version. The new version expands the activation range of the “Display Desktop”. Now we just need to move the mouse to the lower right corner of the taskbar to activate this function. However, the “hover to display desktop” did not go well, and the needful still need to wait patiently for some time.

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4. Battery Mode

The new version adds power mode adjustment (Best Performance/Balance/Best Power Efficiency) and battery details, so you can see the charge and discharge status of the battery more intuitively. However, during testing, it was found that the new version of Power Mode does not modify the Power Mode in the traditional panel. Whether this is a new bug remains to be seen at the moment.

5. New Notification Style

new versionwindows 11 Adjusted the style of the dialog box. Compared to the older version, it has a different sense of hierarchy, and the performance in dark mode is pretty good too.

6. Bucket Chart Function

“Doutu” is a grounding function added in the new version. When you set the location of the region to “China”, you can use the shortcut key (Win+.) to call up the “Doutu” dialog box. At present, Microsoft is cooperating with Chinese GIF provider Flash Alliance, and the real experience is not bad. Basically, more popular online languages ​​can be found. However, the problem is that the dialog box cannot be resized. To be honest, using it is more inconvenient.

7. Multi-Monitor Management

The new version adds a multi-monitor management function to the taskbar settings. For users with special needs, they can now adjust the display themselves.

8. More Extensive Sinicization

Although the previous version of Windows 11 supports Chinese, it is clearly not localized enough. The new version focuses on the localization of the “Settings” panel. At present, most of the mainstream work is finished (of course, some localization quality needs to be improved), and you can compare the two screenshots yourself.

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write at the end

Apart from the above, the new version also accommodates personal details. For example, Notification Center and Operations Center add shadow effects, Alt+TAB fix window blurring, add “troubleshoot sound problems” to the volume menu, and so on. In addition, the taskbar flicker problem, which was very noisy before, should be solved at present, at least since I tested it, it has not appeared. Of course, in general, this is still a very…very…very early version, and it is not recommended to use it as a production environment.

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